Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 12. Here are thirteen things I didn't get on my birthday.

1. Did I get any toys? No, I did not.

2. Did I get a cake? No, I did not.

3. Did I get a party? No, didn’t get that either.

4. Did I get extra gooshy foods? Nope.

5. Did I get a kitten? Nuh uh..

6. How about a party? Not a peep.

7. Did I get laps? Not a one.

8. Did I get to post on my own blog? No.

9. Was there a party? HA!

10. Did I get a new box? Nope.

11. Did I get a pot of grass? Nuh uh.

12. Did I get chocolate? Not even that.

13. Did I mention I didn’t get a party?

Do you know what I got instead? A claw-clipping. A CLAW-CLIPPING?!? Who gives a cat a CLAW-CLIPPING for their birthday?!?!?

I'll be in my treehouse if any Opposable Thumb Wench loves me....


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Tybalt said...

Jack, that is HORRIBLE!

I say you go on strike, buddy.

Happy Birthday! Come over to my place and we'll have a niptini party to celebrate . . .WITHOUT the OTW.

Mr. Hendrix said...

excuse me? you got a claw trimming on your birthday?!? that is is??

oh boy, your beans are totally going to have to suffer for this.

me and Bendrix will head over and help you plan revenge.

Happy belated birthday to you Jack! you don't look a day over 6.



OOOO NOOOO OOOO NOOO not claw clippin on your purrday...

Happy (belated) purrday to you Jack!

What happened to your partee and purrsents?


Anonymous said...

Oh my Cod! That is possibly the worst Birthday ever! Happy Birthday!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

You did not get a party?! That is so not okay. Should we have a belated one for you with some house trashing to make up for the claw clipping?

I'm ready with ham and claws that can shred when you are ready for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Daisy said...

Hmmm. That is not a very good present. Maybe your REAL present is still being wrapped.

And, look! It seems you also got some Spam for your birthday!

Happy belated birthday anyway!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Aw, Jack! Dude, no more purrs until they give ya sumfin special! Well, you get yur song (a day late)...
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Deer Jack,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
... an many mooooooooore!
How bout a drink at the M-Cat Club? I'll buy you a Bloo Toona Gizzy.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

O, Jack, No No No.
This can't be.
You's not on tha offishul Cat Blogosphere Calendar. At least not on mine.
Well, I's gonna post your's belated purrthday right now.
An you's should fink seriously about a huge house-trashing party. I's could help organdize a big party, i's real good at that.
Let me know, my sweetheart mancat.
Love, KC

Forty Paws said...

We shall be over for an immediate Trashing House Par-TAY!

Luf, Us

Jans Funny Farm said...

For shame! For shame! For shame! The humans must pay!

A claw clipping is not a proper gift for a handsome kitty on his birthday. His day should be special and he should get a blogging party.

Perhaps you need to throw your own party - a house trashing. We'd come. And we'd bring the heavy artillery -- the woofies!

Tiger Lily said...

Happy birthday a little late Jack! A house trashing party sounds like just the thing. Any OTW who gives a claw-clipping (???!!!???) for a birthday present deserves nothing less.

Daisy beat me to the Spam line. Too bad it is not the kind of Spam you could eat.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} and prrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

The Island Cats said...

Oh man, Jack...that IS a bummer! We think some bean should pay for that! BIG TIME!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Happy Birthday!!!

Turkey Cats said...

If our mommy and daddy did that to us, oh boy would we be MAD and very disapointed! We will send you some stinky goodness and nip. Let us know if you need any house trashing. Your OTW has some explaining to do!!!


A very happy belated birthday to you, Jack

Sunny's Mommy said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Jack :-D

I'm sorry your humans didn't make it a better one for you. I can't believe all you got was a claw trimming :-0

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you

Joanne, Jane, Jill, Johnny, Jay boy & Capu

The Florida Furkids said...

You got a CLAW CLIPPING on your Purrthday? We think your beans need to pay BIG TIME!

:runs off to trash the house!:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

The Crew said...

Oh my Bast...what a disappointing purthday. And a claw trim to top it off!

There's just no way you should forgive your family for this, Jack. But come on over to The M-Cats Club. Max & I will buy you a drink to drown your sorrows.


Anonymous said...

Jack, belated Birthday Greetings and wishes to you fella.

I think you need a big party soon, with lots of treats, fun and house trashing.

Really, a claw clipping on your birthday is inexcuseable, tut.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Awe man, yoo got spam and not even da tasty kind...and all yoo gots fur yoor purrthday was clippy claws! Well, happy belated purrthday Jack, we'z gonna help yoo think up a proper punishment fur da OTW. If she don't make up fur dat cruelty maybe someone needs report her fur dis.

LZ said...

I'm so so sorry. That is just inhumane and cruel.


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Oh the agony of it all. I will come over and sing Happy Birthday to you!!
Like someone else said, maybe your present is being wrapped!
~ KittyBoy

PB 'n J said...

A nail-clipping?! That just ain't right! We'll be over right away to help you trash the house - that'll show those 'beins!

Happy Belated Purrthday!!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Did we hear that right??? You got claw clipping? On your purrfday? That's terrible. Your OTW should be ashamed of herself.
Belated happy purrfday to you. Don't forget to make sure she pays for her negligence.

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Aw, Jack, that's awful. We're sorry you didn't have a very fun purrthday. Pepi says to join him at the M-Cats club later and he'll make sure you get a bloo toona gizzy or two.

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

OH! Sheesh we furgot. Happy Belated Purrthday Jack!!!

Mickey's Musings said...

That is not right!!!12 is a milestone!!!! A pawsome age!!!!!!!!
Your beans better have a BIG surprise for you or else!!!
The whole Blogosphere is watching ;)

Purrs Mickey

Pumpkin said...

NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! No party and clippy claws? We'll be offur to help wiff the howse trashing party. Mine claws are at yore disposal. Hehe!

Kimo and Sabi said...

Whut???!!! We smells a house trashing PAR-TAY around da corner!

P.S. Happy Belated Purrthday!

Just Ducky said...

Jack what a yucky way to spend your purrthday. I would go and hide on your beans too.

Belated happy day. How about a house trashing party to show them?

Toulouse said...

Hi Jack,
I'm Toulouse and I'm 12 years old too! Life at 12 for me is pretty dull. Mom does get me toys, but I'm not interested. But I wanted to stoop by and wish you a Belated Happy Birthday! Stop by my blog. I'd enjoy getting to know you!
Your Friend,

Sweet Purrfections said...

Happy belated purrfday! I will come over and help you party!

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Oh Jack, we're sorry you didn't have a good purrthday!!

We hopes your OTW makes it up to you and that you have a Happy Belated Purrthday!!

Max said...

Dooood...I got a stroller for my birthday. On the whole, I would have rather had a nail clipping.

Sorry your birthday sucked. But happy belated!

Ivan from WMD said...

Oh, this is so wrong, Jack! Should I call the ASPCA?

Happy birthday anyway. We'd throw you a party if we could!

Lux said...

Oh Jack! This is just awful!!! I am so there if you want to have a house trashing party!

Happy Belated Birthday!

The Cat Realm said...

OMG Jack - we are so sorry!!! We are with the others - just put the word out about the house trashing and we'll be there, claws, hairballs and all!
Happy belated Birthday!!!!!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin and Karl

Samantha & Mom said...

Ooooh! Noes!! What a rotten day! A Claw Clipping is the pits! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Belated 12th Birthday Jack and many, many, many mooooooore! Looks like a House Trashing party is in order!
Your FL furiends,

Karen Jo said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jack. I am really sorry that the only present you got was a claw trim. Your OTW is just asking for a house-trashing party.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Jack, that's HORRIBLE!!!! you need to have a house trashing party.

Happy belated purrfday

Anonymous said...

The injustice of it all! Poor Jack... Happy Birthday anyway from me and all us Good Cats!


We has a surprise award for you come on over to our bloggie for details...


Turkey Cats said...


Steeler just means they are from the town of Pittsburgh. They were known for having lots of steel factories. Some of the steel could have been used to make buildings for gooshy food!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Hey, Jack,

We're happy to hear there's a special party coming. (wink, wink) We'll all be waiting and sharpening our party skills.

Anonymous said...

Jack! You got a raw deal for your birthday!!! I hope it is all made up to you, with everything on your list. Except the kitten part. Trust me you do not want the kitten part - see below!

I am going to all the blogs on our list to let you know that we are deleting "Les Trois Chats." Momma is too busy to let us blog anymore - she has had a hard time blogging for herself even. We are actually now Les Quatre Chats anyway as we added LOLA in June, who is a POOP and has put me to shame as the alpha cat around here... even though, yes, she's a GIRL. (I know, SO emasculating! I need a treat or twenty to comfort me...)

We so enjoyed our time with all of you. Au revoir, les amis,


Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Happy belated birthday! We're sure sorry ya didnt get annything fer yer birfday...

Some years the Birfday Day jus slips by.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Holy unbullevabull!!!! I say we gotta take dis into our own pawz my frend. Allright! One, tow, tree, four, who do we wanna haz a partee for? Jack! Jack! Happy birfday pal! I yam gonna haz da Ham express drop off a 523 pound ham fur you & your partee!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Avast thar Matey! I has an award for One Eyed Jack, the Pirate Cat, on my blog. Dock yer ship at Capt. Diamond's Grog Shoppe to claim it.

(And a Hippo Purthday, somewhat belated, to yer!)

Us4 Cats said...

aw that just aint right. whose butt do we need to kick.

those pictures were so sad.

can i send you this (hug)?!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Oh Jack! I am so sorry that your mom didn't give you a birthday party. You are more than welcome to come share your birthday with me!

Marilynn said...

All of us here wish you (belatedly) a happy birthday. My grandbeans actually like it when their birthdays get spread out over several days or even a week! What could be better??!!

Anyway, happy 12th birthday, and may you have many, many more!


Marilynn, Grace, Audace, and Ruse