Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello Blogging World

I'm still a little 'spicious of this 'puter thingie, but my Opposable Thumb Wench (OTW) said there were cats who blog, and she spends a lot of time reading about them instead of scritching me and rubbing my belly and giving me laps so I thought I should check it out and I did, and I thought all the cats on the internet sounded interesting so I thought I should maybe try blogging too and if nothing else she might pay more attention to me if she has to read my blog too.

Hi. I'm Jack. My really name is One-Eyed Jack, even though I've got two eyes. My OTW says it's because I was the first in my litter to open an eye and they had already named all my brothers. I'm also called a lot of other names like Sprat, Monster, Super Spy Kitty, and Come-Back-Here-You-Miserable-Little-Hellspawned-Imp-of-Satan (usually loudly).

I'm a black domestic shorthair, but people tell me I look like a Burmese. I'm ten, and supposed to be an elderly kitty according to the vet, but I'm pretty sure I'm still a kitten. Nobody has beaten me at 2am Tag yet.

I live with my OTW, and the Big One, who she says is the non-furry member of her harem, and another Cat she calls Whisper but I call Grumpybutt, cause he's Grumpy. A lot. And he doesn't like snuggling with me or let me groom him, which he should cause he gets yucky ears and the OTW has to clean them and that makes him even grumpier.

The OTW told me a while back about the 5 weird things post everyone was doing so I thought I'd start with that.

1. After every nap I come and find my OTW and tell her all about it and present my belly for rubbings.

2. I'm not really black. I'm black and sable tabby striped, but you can't tell unless I'm in really bright sunlight. It's great camoflage. I can hide in shadows even better than a real black cat.

3. I like rolling in catnip, but won't eat it. (I never inhaled!)

4. I don't like ham. I don't like beef. I don't like chicken or turkey or bacon or anything. No bread, no ice cream. The only people food I like is berries and chocolate. And not the cheap kind of chocolate either. It has to be really expensive bittersweet imported European chocolate. But the OTW won't let me have more than a few licks.

5. When I help my OTW with her art (which mostly involves fabric and string) I only like working with silk and linen and wool. Cotton is too common and those man-made fibres are just right out.

Well that's me. Hello everyone.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

wow! you got sum purrty unusual stuff in that list. ya don't like HAM? but you do like BERRIES? does ya feel 'bout fev-vers? we're all about the fev-vers!

One-Eyed Jack said...

I LOOOOOVE fev-vers. I have a fev-ver butt mousie, and crow fev-vers and raven fev-vers, and a couple giant goose fev-vers the ginger lady who used to live with us gave me after she couldn't use them as writing quills anymore (she cut off the inky bits first)